Can it help me?

‘The Alexander Technique involves a sense of muscles and how we use them. No amount of writing and talking about it can substitute for the direct experience.’

David Garlick, BSc (Med), MB, BS, PhD, Physician,Medical Scientist and Alexander Teacher.

I just wanted to let you know that The Alexander Technique has worked to rid me of the pain in my shoulders, arms, neck and upper back that I’d lived with for almost a year. Over that (constant pain) period of time I had numerous sessions of physiotherapy and osteopathy, but neither worked. I now realise that was because my pains were to do with how I use my body in my work (as a gardener I am constantly reaching, bending, lifting etc), and whereas physiotherapy and osteopathy tend to focus on the injury sites, the Alexander Technique deals with the whole body and how it is relating to itself during any activity. So from our beginning, almost a year ago, when I came to you every couple of weeks for a few months, to now when I see you once a month for a top-up, we’ve got to the point where my body more naturally looks after its own posture and I don’t have to think about it all the time – although you did have to remind me to bend my knees when I bent to write in my diary last session! But wow, what a joy to feel free in my physical being – and because I know old habits die hard, as I’m 53 now, I’m looking forward to working with you and the Alexander Technique probably until they put us both in the ground! Thanks Stephanie.”

Christine Duyt

What is ‘Good Posture’ and what has that to do with it?
The fact that you are reading this means that you are already concerned about your posture. ‘Good Posture’, often recognised as desirable, but usually regarded as only attainable with considerable willpower and strain and so efforts towards it are soon abandoned. Actually, posture is far more complex than just sitting or standing up straight. A description of the technique could be that it is how we support and balance our bodies while we go about our daily activities. For more information see Posture & well-being.

The Alexander Technique unravels us. The technique can help you perform well, be effective, think clearly and feel good as you learn how to use your body in a more efficient, less tiring way. You will experience a different balance, posture and movement in your everyday actions and with guidance, you regain your natural posture and easy co-ordination. Alexander Teachers have a high degree of skill to help you become aware of habits of tension, consequently, you become able to differentiate between necessary and unnecessary effort.

Many people notice the difference in a short time. Their bodies begin to straighten, many report an ease and lightness of movement and stress-related headaches may disappear.