Take a PitStop to Good Posture the Alexander Way

Summer is finally here ̶ for a while at least. And of course, the summer means we want to look our best and so start to exercise to get in shape.

But if you’ve already got poor posture, exercising will compound this by putting pressure on your limbs and possibly causing damage.

Added to that, the way we live today often makes us less active. We spend a lot of time sitting at desks and in our cars. And when we relax we often slump in front of the TV. As a result, we’re not using our muscles as they are intended to be used.

Most of us had a naturally good posture when we were young. But once lost, it’s something we have to relearn. Around 80% of the population suffers from some form of muscle, joint pain or physical injury through poor posture.

Posture PitStopTM was developed by me, Stephanie Smith, teacher of The Alexander Technique. It is a unique method of analyzing your posture and identifying harmful habits. It gives you the understanding and tools you need to adopt a healthier posture for life. I use a combination of force plate technology with before and after photographs and videos.

We all have a unique physical body and structure and Posture PitStopTM can help you see for yourself how you function and move. It will help you understand your particular problems, why they exist and how they can be prevented or stopped.

Force plate technology measures the pressure of you moving from a sitting position to standing and then back to sitting showing the amount of strain you place on your joints. A graph shows an accurate analysis of your body movement.

poor coordination in sit-to-stand looks like this
good co-ordination in sit-to-stand looks like this

This is followed by the gentle guidance of The Alexander Technique to promote your mobility, ease, and balance. This releases muscular tension increases flexibility and lengthens your spine ultimately giving you freedom of movement without strain. Improved balance and co-ordination will prevent further injury.

before and after the first lesson

I use this new technology combined with the Alexander Technique to accurately study your body’s motion and muscular action. From this, I can create a detailed evaluation of your particular patterns of movement. When you watch your video, you’ll be surprised at what you see. Your movements will have changed; you’ll feel more comfortable and move with ease.

Whatever your age, an active lifestyle and keeping fit are exactly what you need for a healthy life. So before you start your summer fitness program think about your posture. Take a good look in the mirror. Are you slumping, does your tummy stick out, is your head bent forward. If the answer is yes, you could be suffering from poor posture. It’s time for a Posture PitStopTM.