How is Alexander Technique different to anything else I have tried?

Taught in this country since 1904 The Alexander Technique is a unique body of learning and experience spanning over 100 years. Alexander Technique is often imitated but never bettered, it deals with the key factor usually overlooked when we ask ourselves why we have the problems that we do. Alexander Technique teaches us how the body is organised for posture and movement then how you can work effectively with its natural organisation.

How many lessons will I need?

All teachers work differently and as an experienced teacher, I can show you very simple skills that quickly allows you to release tension and to use your body in a more efficient, less tiring way. My unique 10-stage programme can show you how to regain your basic co-ordination. As part of this programme, I will give you hand-outs so that you have a detailed record of your sessions. Please see ‘What happens in a lesson?’ page to learn more.

Is it like Yoga, Pilates, etc?

No. Alexander Technique is a totally unique experience. It is not an exercise programme even though there may be some exercise systems based on the Alexander Technique. You do not need effort but sensitivity, thought and application so that you can put all you have learned into action.

Is it relaxation?

It is tempting to think that a simple solution to the problem would be to ‘just relax’: but what does this mean? First, we would have to feel where we are tense and then relax those areas. However, the reason that we are tense is because, in some way, we have interfered with our system of support. Therefore, our relaxing will not deal with the causes of tension and the tensions will return.

What is the evidence?

For over 100 years, people from all walks of life have sworn by the Alexander Technique to help rid them of back pain. Now a major clinical trial published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) proves they were right. Alexander Technique, Exercise and Massage (ATEAM) back pain clinical trial results proves that Alexander Technique lessons gives long-term benefit to chronic back pain sufferers. After one year, the Alexander Technique was still an effective method of pain management and prevention. Click here for further information (pdf)